9 Informative CEU Courses for Pediatric Occupational Therapists

Dec 10, 2019 3:37:01 PM

In any business, it is important to keep operations up to date and encourage employees to strengthen their skills. For pediatric occupational therapy practices, there are several steps that can be taken to ensure that a practice and its OT therapists are as current and effective as possible. One step is to utilize a high-performing EMR platform that will keep your practice’s notes, scheduling, and billing under control. 

Continuing education (CEU) courses are another fantastic way to keep your practice in good shape. By encouraging your pediatric OT clinicians to engage in CEU courses, you are helping to keep your practice refreshed and impactful. In fact, many states require pediatric OTs to participate in a certain number of CEU course hours every year. We’ve rounded up some of the pediatric OT CEU course options approved by the American Occupational Therapy Association (AOTA) that you can recommend to your pediatric OT practitioners. 


OccupationalTherapy.com offers an extensive library of continuing education courses to which members are granted unlimited access. Membership requires a low, annual fee. Here are a few of the pediatric OT CEU courses offered by OccupationalTherapy.com

Summit Professional Education

Summit Professional Education offers CEU course options with varied, in-depth topics related to pediatric occupational therapy available à la carte or for an annual membership price. Here are some of the pediatric OT CEU courses they offer:

  • Children with Severe Impairments
    This is an online video course worth 6 AOTA-approved CE credit hours that covers effective assessment and treatment, strategies, and best practices for children with medically complex diagnoses. 
  • Pediatric Neurodevelopmental Disorders
    This is an online video course worth 1-6 AOTA-approved CE credits, depending on how much of the program one chooses to purchase. Each CE hours is purchased separately, but they can be bundled together for a discount.

Pediatric Therapy EMR


MedBridge has a wide range of online video and webinar CEU courses available for individual purchase or accessed through an annual subscription. They offer 236 courses related to pediatric OT, here are a few examples:

  • Pain Management for Children
    This video course discusses pain types and mechanisms to identify the symptoms. Therapists will learn to identify persistent pain through similar patterns of symptoms, behaviors, and cognitive changes which must be addressed for an effective treatment.

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