The 6 Most Important EMR Features for Pediatric Therapists

Apr 9, 2018 4:47:18 PM

If you're a pediatric therapist, you need an EMR that is specifically designed to meet the unique challenges you face on a day-to-day basis. This means finding pediatric therapy software that provides features like:

  • a pediatric format for notes
  • pediatric goal banks
  • pediatric assessment content, and
  • pediatric standardized tests

There are some companies out there that have tried put together pediatric add-ons, but if you’re a pediatric therapist, you'll find yourself wasting time scrolling past irrelevant fields, or manually formatting test results.

Here are some features to look for as you search for an EMR that was designed with you in mind.

1. Text & Email Reminders

Remembering appointments can be tough for anyone, especially busy parents. Text and email reminders are a great way to get your attendance rates up. But be sure you read the fine print! Some companies charge an extra fee per text or email.

2. Visual Goal Tracking

As a pediatric therapist, you need to be able to show your patients and their caregivers that they are making progress. Look for an EMR that includes automatic patient progress and specific goal mastery tracking. Be sure to find a solution that doesn't include irrelevant (i.e., adult-focused metrics).

3. Authorization Tracking

You've got your hands full already! Don't make life harder by using an EMR that doesn't track authorizations. Better yet, find one that offers reminders to help you stay on top of authorizations that are about to expire.

Pediatric Therapy EMR

4. Task Management

Pediatric documentation takes up enough of your time already. Make sure your EMR includes features to make sure nothing slips through the cracks. Find an EMR that offers reminders for documentation that needs to be completed (progress notes, re-evals, etc.) and custom tasks.

5. Flexible Scheduling

Since kids' schedules change more often than adults, you'll need the ability to make scheduling changes on the fly. Look for a drag-and-drop calendar and color-coded appointments.

6. Pediatric Content

This one's a no-brainer! If your clinic focuses on children, you need pediatric content to make documentation as efficient as possible. Find an EMR with therapy notes software that includes pediatric content like:

  • discipline-specific goal banks,
  • assessment content, and
  • standardized tests

Good luck!

Good luck with your search! We've included a list of these features in a checklist below so that can print it out to use when you're looking for your next EMR. We hope it helps you find the perfect fit.

Pediatric Therapy EMR Checklist

Here's a checklist to keep these features in mind while you're searching for an EMR for your pediatric therapy clinic.

EMR Buyer's Guide

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